*June Featured Coffee Of The Month* Rwanda, Butembo


Cup Characteristics: Apricot, honeycomb, tea, medium acidity, medium body

Producer: Butembo Washing Station

Region: Nyamasheke

Variety: Red bourbon

Process: Fully Washed

Altitude: 1,545 meters

Butembo coffee washing stations operated for the first time in the harvest of 2015. Located at the shores of Lake Kivu, the coffee processed at Butembo comes from the farms covering the hills surrounding the lake. Butembo is a mini washing station, processing just about one container every year, and has focused more on consistency on quality.

Butembo receives coffee cherries everyday during the harvest and dries them on raised beds for two weeks, before delivering dry parchment at RTC’s dry mill in Kigali for further processing.

12oz. – Whole Bean

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