Mexico, Mixteca


Cup Characteristics: Chocolate pudding, baking spice, cashew, low acidity, medium body

Producer: 8 farmers from the village of guadalupe miramar

Region: Mixteca, oaxaca

Variety: Typica, bourbon

Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 750 -1,850 meters

This special offering is from Sustainable Harvest®’s Oaxaca Single Village line of coffees, which represent coffees produced by smallholder farmers from a single area of Oaxaca who lack access to cooperative membership. The eight growers behind this lot live and produce their coffee in the community of Guadalupe Miramar, Mixteca, Oaxaca. Mixteca farmers grow their coffee between 700 to 1,850 meters, mostly cultivating Typica and Bourbon because these native varieties produce such high-quality coffees. The vegetation and geography of the region also enhance cup quality: The shade of pine and timber trees combined with the cold climate ensure that cherries mature slowly and develop plenty of sugars.

12oz. – Whole Bean