45th Anniversary Blend, Limited Release


Wow, 45 years old! It’s been an incredible journey so far. We’ve met so many wonderful people and shared so many unforgettable memories all shared through coffee.  We’ve been roasting specialty coffee here in Alaska since 1975, before most people even knew what espresso was. For this very special 45th Anniversary Blend we wanted to commemorate our legacy, representing where we’ve been and where we’re going all in one delicious limited release blend. And we didn’t hold back! This blend is comprised of some of the most exciting coffees in our inventory including our direct relationship Honey Process Costa Rican, Hacienda Sonora SL28 variety and an extraordinary Honey Process Colombian coffee from producer Horacio Benavides. The cup profile is balanced, but with exciting pops of cranberry acidity and cooked apple sweetness. Notes of warming spices and sweet pastry play perfectly with the fruit which gives the impression of biting into a slice of delicious apple pie. Enjoy and cheers to another 45 years!

Notes: Apple pie, warming spices, cranberry, medium acidity, medium body

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