Kenya, Uteuzi Jimbo


Cup Characteristics: Red currant, mango, cola, medium + acidity, heavy body

Producer: Various factories

Region: Nyeri, embu, kirinyaga

Variety: SL 28, sl34, batian

Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,750 meters

This coffee comes from Cafe Imports’ Regional Select Program. The name Uteuzi Jimbo is Swahili for “county select”. Collaborating with export partner Dormans, they’ve selected three counties to highlight in a Kenyan blend; Nyeri, Embu, and Kirinyaga.


These coffees are often considered the “Kenyan yard stick,” and we’ve found the best of them to show higher fructose sugars, brighter forward acids, and light, juicy bodies.


To the east of Mt. Kenya, Embu coffees are quite often heavier on the palate, showing darker forest fruits, browning sugars, and a rounder, more balanced acid profile.


Smashed in between Nyeri and Embu, this tiny county’s coffees show high complexity, refined acids, florals, and more delicate fruits.

12oz. – Whole Bean