*August Featured Coffee of the Month*, Ethiopia Tamrat Alemayehu


Cup Characteristics: Nectarine, jasmine, strawberry cheesecake, medium + acidity, medium body

Producer: Tamrat Alemayehu

Region: Kochere, Gedeo

Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom

Process: Natural, dried 42 days

Altitude: 1,800 – 2,100 meters

August’s Featured Coffee of the Month is a fruit basket of a coffee! Perfect for warmer days and serving iced. This natural processed coffee hails from Ethiopia high up in the Kochere region (1,800 – 2,100 meters), more specifically the Tamrat Alemayehu washing station. Smallholder farmers drop off their cherries where they are sorted, then dried for 42 days in the sun on African raised beds. This is a great example of a natural processed coffee that brings wonderful acidity that lifts the fruit notes into a vibrant, juicy cup. We’re getting notes of fresh nectarine, elegant floral jasmine, and some pleasant, subtle lactic acidity that reminds us of strawberry cheesecake. Enjoy!

12oz. – Whole Bean

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