Cafe del Mundo began in 1975 in Anchorage, Alaska by founder Perry Merkel. Perry was inspired to bring specialty coffee to the Last Frontier after his travels through Central America. Perry began humbly roasting coffee on a small air roaster in a shed behind his home. Slowly he built relationships with restaurants, grocery stores, and home coffee enthusiasts throughout the state. Once Alaska got a taste of fresh roasted coffee and espresso business exploded with Cafe Del Mundo eventually evolving into multiple cafe locations. After a long, illustrious career Perry Merkel decided it was time to retire and sold his business to his friends Brad Bigelow and Tim Gravel of Kaladi Brothers Coffee. It was important for the soul of Cafe del Mundo to remain, but it was time for a brand update. The idea for Black Cup – Extraordinary Coffee Best Served Black was born. Black Cup’s mission is more emphasis on farm to cup transparency, roasting to promote origin characteristics, coffee education, and delivering some of the world’s finest coffees to Alaskans.